Virtual Launch – Female Shift

Fostering Women Entrepreneurship and Mentoring in Germany and Africa

The influence of women in society, business and politics is growing, but in terms of leadership positions, earning and career opportunities, the gender gap is still strongly noticeable.

Women in business are facing different concerns: We still have not closed the gender pay gap; It is still generally the social norm that women take on the larger share of managing the family home and the majority of childcare; And in the current global environment – where many of us are hunkered down in our homes trying to maintain a sense of normalcy via technology – community building is especially challenging and important.

Under the heading of `Female Shift´ we aim to empower women through providing competences, skills and additional support through workshops and mentoring and to build a transnational community. A women’s mentorship program is a great way to start and create an environment where issues can openly be discussed by female entrepreneurs. With `Female Shift – Mentoring´ we want to create a valuable professional and transfrontier network in the framework of development cooperation with the private sector that benefits business women cross boarder Germany and Africa.

In a first phase, matches with a focus on the Berlin-Brandenburg region and the countries of Namibia, Rwanda and South Africa will be sought. Feel free and invited to join our virtual launch of `Female Shift´ at this year’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on the 19th of November 2021. Get involved, use the stage to pitch your business idea and be part of the new Women Mentoring Programme starting after the webinar.

time: 19.11.2021 10-12.30


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